Lola Montez
Guests House
John F Kennedy Parade Sligo
071 91 61250

Lola Montez

Lola Montez is Sligo’s newest most intimate bar and nightclub. Catering to a clientele of over 21’s who like to indulge in that something ‘extra’ on a night out; Lola Montez’s alluring interior, classic cocktails and sassy selection of drinks provide that ‘something extra’ experience you are looking for at the weekend.

In the 1800s Lola Montez was, as we like to put it ‘too cool to care’ about what anyone else was doing or thinking. She was her own unique woman. Today in 2016 Lola Montez has been recreated once more, again wearing her character of being ‘too cool to care’…

At Lola Montez, you can do it your way – just like Lola did. You can dance all night, relax and chat at a reserved table, chill under some perfectly crafted glass lanterns sipping on gin and cocktails, or become a VIP with reserved seating and champagne on arrival. The list goes on and the party does too…

Lola Montez encapsulates the individualism and mischievous sense of adventure of the original lady herself, and it promises to provide as much entertainment as she did.