Made in Sligo
Grattan St, Sligo

The Record Room

The Record Room has been selling music CD, vinyl, DVDS and specialise in Irish Traditional Music on the ground floor and musical instruments, Music Books, Strings, Leads and other musical instrument accessories on the first floor for over 30 years. It is home to Sound Records, a label that has released albums by Dervish, Thom Moore, Margaret O’Rourke, John Duggan, Kevin Conlon, Celtic Rock Ballards, IOYou (now Westlife), Heart and Soul, Fola and Davey, Bloor or Whiskey, Indian, SwallowsTail Ceolli Band, Tansey and McKillop, SO02, Enda Scahill, Isla Grant, Carmel Gunning, Colm O’Donnell, Sean O’Reilly, John Regan, Jim McKillop, Deirdre Collis, Rock ‘N’ Reel, Coilin Connelly, Seamus Tansey, Songs of Sligo, The Sligo Style and a DVD At Home In Sligo.

Aidan Mannion and Kevin Flannery will given a personal service.

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday 10.00 – 6.00